The Festival

Queer Culture e.V. is a registered non-profit organization, where professionals and supporters from different corners of queer lives find together in a well-connected environment of the LGBT community. The aim of the association, founded in September 2015, is to create a public space of intellectual, emotional and action-oriented positive confrontations with our cultural offers.

In 2015 a team of film enthusiasts gathered together on a non-profit basis to fill a gap in Munich’s local festival season. With the organization’s first project the QFFM | Queer Film Festival Munich the members are standing for diversity and acceptance of alternative life visions and are counteracting the upcoming global populism and ignorance with visibility by presence on cinema screens in Munich.

QFFM presents diversity of films besides mainstream cinema and its heteronormative rules. Our festival program is focused on local as well as international productions and newly discovered queer-classics. We present the current international queer film scene within various festival sections including documentaries, animations, mini-series or feature films. We heartly welcome all sorts of queer film making!