As you may know from our previous short film presentations in the past, we like to ask you, the audience about your favorite short film of our festival-screening. Our program contains e.g. the winner of the TEDDY Short Film award at Berlinale 2017 MIN HOMOSYSTER,  as well as the complex animation movie THE WRONG END OF THE STICK (2D animation with Live-action) or a romantic confession in HERCULANUM.

The winner of this audience vote will be screened again at QFFM | 2nd Queer Film Festival Munich from 12.-15. October 2017.

We also like to welcome you to celebrate our first Queer Weekender with us! After the screening  we gladly introduce Munich’s finest and queer HELGA-DJs until 1:00 a.m at the cinema foyer.


Friday, 19th May 2017, 09:00 pm

© New Stories AB

SWE/NOR 2017, 15 Min., OmeU

The relationship between two sisters is put to the test. The main question is: How do you know you are in love with someone?

Genre: feature short film
Director: Lia Hietala

Festivals and awards (selection):
Berlinale 2017: Teddy Award Winner – best short film

© Vivek Shraya

GB 2016, 9 Min., OmeU

Malcolm Fetcher is a neurotic Teacher, who sticks into a hopeless marriage with his wife Beverly for ages.  Facing a midlife crisis, endangering his marriage and a dark desire comes to light.

Genre: animation short film
Director: Terri Matthews

Festivals and awards (selection):
UnderWire Festival: Best animation short
Indie Memphis: Audience award
Anilogue: Jury special award

© Méroé Films

FR 2016, 21 Min., OmeU

Two Guys. Three Dates. And a Vulcano.
A poetic short film about lonelyness and unity.

Genre: feature short film
Director: Arthur Cahn

Festivals and awards (selection):
Clermont-Ferrand ISFF: Press award

© Ring Film

IT 2015, 4 Min., OV

A 19 year old is convinced to be a girl. The story of an intersexual teenager is told in a fast and entertaining collage of pictures.

Genre: documentary, animation short
Director: Carlo Lavangna

Festivals (selection):
Venice International Film Festival
Brussels Queer Film Festival
Göteborg Film Festival

© Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production

IT 2015, 15 Min., OmeU

During a family´s holiday, Christian meets Luca, a friend from the older days at the Beachbar. The old game gets started, but with new rules.

Genre: feature short film
Director: Lorenzo Caproni

Festivals and awards (selection):
Venice International Film Festival
Brussels Queer Film Festival
Göteborg Film Festival

© Renata Gąsiorowska

PL 2016, 8 Min., OV

A lovingly animated short film about a failed masturbation.

Genre: animation short film
Director: Renate Gasiorowska

Festivals and awards (selection):
Sundance Film Festival
Clermont-Ferrand ISFF: Best Animation short

© Metronomic

FR 2014, 14 Min., OmeU

A female scientist has built a android clone to replace her and face the real world.

Genre: animation short, musical
Director: Stéphanie Cabdevila

Festivals and awards (selection):
International Film Festival Hof
Uppsala IFFS Sweden
Abu Dhabi International Film Festival: best Producer

© Vivek Shraya

Extra movie
What I LOVE about being QUEER
CA 2012, 18 min., OV

Genre: documentary short film
Director: Lia Hietala

Festivals (selection):
Queer As Folk Norrköping Film Festival
Lesbian & Gay Film Festival London
Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival
Rebels WITH a Cause Film Festival (Toronto)