Your drawings contain recurring motifs and colours. How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as rather linear and reduced, partly organic. Colours can also really pop! In my illustrations, my motifs often revolve around femininity, movement, mysticism. In my letterings I like to experiment with different character forms.

What inspired you to create the QFFM poster motif?
With the QFFM theme I had the saying „Open your Mind“ in the back of my mind, and wanted to translate it into an illustration. The mask is removed, the mind opens, the intuition released, thinking barriers are removed – exactly what the Queer Film Festival evokes in its visitors, hopefully!

What does the term QUEER mean to you?
Queer for me means to free oneself from learned „traditional“ roles and gender clichés, to question ones own behaviour and thought patterns and their origins, and to place humanity in the foreground.

What is your favourite place in Munich?
The Viktualienmarkt and the Flaucher early in the morning, the Cucurucu terrace and the steps of the Bavaria on warm summer evenings.

Impressions of Rosas work