© Foto by Camilo Brau

There are many ways to become aware of Benedikt Rugar ́s drawings. The works of the Berlin-based illustrator, have already been published in newspapers such as the Spiegel, der ZEIT or the New York Times. His futuristic-looking depict worlds or sexually charged, fragmented bodies and objects decorate posters and flyers of well-known clubs like SchwuZ, Berghain and party series like Cocktail ‘d Amore and Plastic.

How would you describe your style?
My drawings are mostly drawn with a clear black outline and surely remind at first sight of the classic comic style, or of old hand-drawn advertising graphics. The motifs often show a frozen movement, or narration, which leaves the viewer enough room for his own interpretations. I always appreciate the challenge of working with my world of ideas and images to react to a wide range of topics and to create to establish a dialogue with the viewer.

What inspired you to create the QFFM poster motif?

Queer stands for breaking up and rethinking old gender norms, so I wanted to show a face that has no concrete form. A positive face, which looks attentively with big eyes at the QFFM films.

What does the term QUEER mean to you?
Queer means diversity of gender identities and sexual orientation. The term has long since arrived in politics and mainstream, which I consider positive, but more people have to actually live the term.

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